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Your aspiration towards life in the USA is now more attainable than ever. Let our visa experts guide you through the journey, enabling you to envisage your new life in the Land of the Free.

Why Migrate to the USA?

Unlock your potential in a nation of opportunity, diversity, and boundless freedom.

Education Excellence

Delve into exceptional academics at globally celebrated institutions in the USA.

Career Ladder

Ascend in your career with abundant professional opportunities in diverse sectors.

Healthcare Advantage

Leverage one of the planet’s most innovative healthcare systems in the USA.

Cultural Melting Pot

Plunge into the USA’s multicultural richness, enhancing your global exposure.

Financial Prosperity

Gain financial stability from the USA’s robust and diversified economy.

Vibrant Lifestyle

Relish the USA’s dynamic lifestyle, teeming with recreational and cultural attractions.

Global Impact

Achieve visible global change with the USA as your platform for innovation.

Freedom & Democracy

Reside in a country admired worldwide for upholding freedom and democratic values.

Discover Your Visa Path Tailored for Your Needs and Aspirations

Explore our comprehensive visa services designed to pave your unique path to the USA.

Visitor Visa

Experience the amazing sights of the USA with our Visitor Visa services. Delve into awe-inspiring landscapes, historic landmarks, and dynamic cities for an ultimate journey you won't forget.

Processing Time - 15-30 days

Student Visa

Embark on an academic journey in the USA with our Student Visa and Admission services. Step into world-class institutions and gain unparalleled knowledge and skills for your future career.

Processing Time - 30-60 Days

EB-5 Green Card

Secure your American dream with our EB-5 Green Card services. Open doors to permanent residence, allowing you to work, study, and live while enjoying the privileges as a USA resident.

Processing Time - 12-18 Moths

How Does the USA's Visa Application Process Work?

From initial assessment to final visa approval, Imorion streamlines your journey with personalised assistance at every step.

Initial Consultation

Connect with our experts for a pre-assessment to understand your visa eligibility and requirements.

Gather necessary documents

Dcument collection ensuring you have everything necessary for a successful application.

Visa application Filing

We assist in correctly filing your visa application form, preventing errors that could lead to delays or refusals.

Visa Fee Payment

Imorion ensures smooth processing of your visa application fee, guiding you through the payment system.

Scheduling your Interview

Our team helps schedule your visa interview with the US consulate or embassy, as required.

Attending the Visa Interview

We prepare you for the visa interview, providing you with guidelines and possible questions.

Visa Processing and Approval

Post-interview, Imorion liaises with the visa office, tracking your application until final approval.

Remember, the process may vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. Always seek tailored advice regarding your unique circumstances.

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As international student, we were overwhelmed. But Imorion made our Student Visa and Admission process stress-free, helping us aim for dream institutions in the USA. They guided us brilliantly throughout - a commendable service!
Manisha Sinha

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