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Are you an Indian resident aspiring to take your business to new heights in Canada? Say no more! Imorion is your trustful partner for a trouble-free, victorious visa application. Our devoted team is skilled in securing the Canada Business Investment Visa efficiently with high success rates.

Personalized Visa Assessment

We recognize the significance of a tailored assessment. Our proficient experts evaluate your profile in detail, establishing your eligibility for the Canada Business Investment Visa by assessing various elements such as business plans, funds availability, and more.

Document Preparation Assistance

Our committed team simplifies the process of document preparation. From passports, photographs to financial documents, business plans, and necessary certifications, our comprehensive support ensures a robust and undoubtedly, a well-prepared application.

Complete Application Form Assistance

Filling out the pertinent visa application can seem daunting. But with Imorion, this process becomes effortless. Our team offers methodical guidance, making sure each requisite field is duly filled without any errors or lapses.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

We take over the visa submission process, managing everything from appointment scheduling, payment processing to final application submission. Rest easy while we persistently monitor your application status, keeping you informed at all stages.

Visa Interview Preparation

If a visa interview is required, rely on Imorion for thorough preparation. Our specialist conducts mock interviews, acquainting you with probable questions and offering advice on how to present your documents effectively.

Additional Value Add Services

Our support surpasses just visa applications. Imorion advice on appropriate travel insurance, assists with flight bookings, and even aids in creating practical business strategies, making your Canadian business venture more comfortable and rewarding.

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What Are the Requirements to Apply for Canada Business Investment Visa?

The requirements for a Business Investment Visa in Canada include:

Business Experience

A minimum of 1-2 years of relevant business experience.

Investment Capital

A certain minimum net worth requirement and a willingness to invest in Canada.

Business Plan

A strong business proposal targeting a sector that contributes significantly to Canada's economic growth.

Contribution to Economy

Evidence how both you and your business will contribute to the Canadian economy and create jobs.

Adherence to Regulations

Compliance with all Canadian legalities and immigration laws.

Health & Character Certificates

Clear medical examinations and criminal record checks.

Please note that these are general prerequisites, and extra requirements may apply depending on specific circumstances.

What Are Business Investment Visa Fees and Validity?

Here's a guide to the commonly incurred costs during the visa application process:

Visa Application Fee

The fee for a Canada Business Investment Visa application is approximately CAD $1545.

Visa Validity

The Canada Business Investment visa is valid for five years. However, the actual permit duration will depend on various factors, including the success and operation of your business.

*Note that the actual permit duration will depend on factors such as the nature of employment, the employer's labour market impact assessment, and your passport's validity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Business Investment Visa

Yes, your spouse/partner and dependent children can accompany you to Canada.

Yes, you can apply for an extension or even for permanent residency, depending on the success of your business.

The course of action largely depends on the terms of the visa. In some cases, you may be able to apply for a different type of visa or even permanent residency.

Yes, if your business is successful and you meet certain prerequisites, you might be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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