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Are you an Indian resident seeking lucrative job opportunities in Germany? Your search ends here! Imorion is your reliable partner for a seamless, successful visa application experience. Our dedicated team specialises in securing the Germany Job Seeker Visa effectively with an impressive approval rate.

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At Imorion, we prioritise personalised assessment. Our proficient experts review your profile meticulously, determining your eligibility for the Germany Job Seeker Visa by evaluating various factors such as academic qualifications, work experience, financial stability, and more.

Document Preparation Assistance

Our committed team simplifies the document preparation process. We guide you through the necessary paperwork - such as passports, degree certificates, proof of relevant work experience, proof of sufficient funds, and more. Our all-encompassing support ensures a thoroughly prepared and robust application.

Complete Application Form Assistance

Filling out the pivotal visa application form can be daunting. With Imorion, this process becomes hassle-free. Our team offers step-by-step guidance, ensuring every required field is accurately filled without any errors or omissions.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

We handle the visa submission process, taking care of everything from appointment scheduling and payment processing to application submission. Sit back and relax while we regularly monitor your application status, keeping you informed at every stage.

Visa Interview Preparation

If a visa interview is needed, trust Imorion for comprehensive preparation. Our experts conduct mock interviews, acquainting you with potential questions and advising on how to optimally present your documents.

Additional Value Add Services

Our services extend beyond just visa applications. Imorion provides suitable advice regarding health insurance, support in confirming accommodations, and assistance in crafting the perfect job-seeking plan, ensuring your Germany work-seeking experience is smooth and efficient.

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What Are the Requirements to get the Germany Job Seeker Visa?

The Germany Visitor Visa has specific requirements that applicants must fulfill, including but not limited to:

Valid Passport

Current and valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay in Germany

Degree Certificate

Your qualification should be recognized in Germany and equivalent to a German degree.

Financial Proof

Sufficient financial means to support your stay during the job-seeking period.

Health Insurance

Up-to-date medical and/or travel insurance for your stay in Germany.

Cover Letter

This should outline your objectives and career goals during the job-seeking period.


Details of your confirmed accommodation in Germany.

Work Experience

Any relevant documents that verify your career experience in the related field of work.

Bear in mind, it’s a good idea to adhere to the official guidelines or consult our experts for a comprehensive list.

What Are the Germany Job Seeker Visa Fees and Validity?

The fees associated and the validity of a German visitor visa can vary considerably. Here is an estimate.

Visa Application Fee

The Germany Job Seeker Visa fee varies but generally falls within €50-€75.

Visa Validity

The visa is valid for six months, allowing the holder to stay in Germany and seek employment. Upon finding a suitable job, the individual can apply for a German work visa or a German work permit.

For up-to-date information, always consult with a visa expert or official resources.

Frequently Asked Questions About Germany Job Seeker Visa

No, the Germany Job Seeker Visa cannot be extended beyond the original validity period of six months. You are, however, eligible to apply for a German work visa or permit once you find employment.

The Job Seeker Visa only allows for job seeking, not employment. Once you find a job, you must apply and obtain a work visa before you can start working.

While knowing German is not a mandatory requirement for the visa, it considerably enhances your chances of finding employment in Germany. Employers prefer candidates with a competent command of the German language.

Please note, these are general answers, and specific cases may vary. For the most accurate advice, consult with visa experts or official resources.

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