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Are you an Indian resident who is aspiring for exceptional career opportunities in Canada? Look no further! Imorion is your steadfast partner for a smooth, successful LMIA process. Our devoted team excels in securing the Canada LMIA (Job Offer) efficiently with a high approval rate.

Tailored LMIA Assessment

At Imorion, we value the importance of a tailored assessment. Our skilled professionals examine your profile meticulously, determining your eligibility for the Canada LMIA (Job Offer) by assessing multiple factors such as job role qualifications, work experience, and more.

Document Preparation Assistance

We guide you through the necessary paperwork - work experience documents, educational certificates, skill validation documents to financial documents, our comprehensive support ensures a thoroughly prepared and robust LMIA application.

Detailed Application Form Assistance

Filling out the crucial LMIA application form can appear daunting. With Imorion, this process turns worry-free. Our team offers methodical guidance, making sure every compulsory field is accurately filled without any errors or errors.

LMIA Submission and Follow-up

We handle the LMIA submission process, supervising everything from application submission to payment processing. Relax and unwind while we continuously monitor your application status, keeping you informed at each stage.

Visa Interview Preparation

In case an interview is needed, count on Imorion to prepare you comprehensively. Our experts conduct mock interviews, acquainting you with potential questions and providing advice on how best to present your documents and respond confidently.

Additional Value Add Services

Imorion advises on adequate travel insurance, provides assistance with flight bookings, and even helps in planning the perfect settlement strategies in Canada, making your journey towards Canadian employment smoother and stress-free.

Open the Doors to Professional Growth in Canada with Imorion's LMIA Services

Unleash your career potential in Canada with Imorion’s LMIA (Job Offer) Support services. Book an appointment with us for a complimentary consultation, and kickstart your professional journey in Canada now!

What Are the Requirements to Get Canada LMIA (Job Offer)?

The commencement of your journey towards a Canadian LMIA (Job Offer) requires:

Employment Contract

A valid job offer from a Canadian employer with specifics of the employment terms.

Employer Compliance

The employer must demonstrate efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen or resident for the position prior to offering a job to a non-resident.

Job Details

The job offered should be full-time and permanent from a registered company in Canada.

Income Adequacy

The wages and working conditions offered should be comparable to those given to Canadian employees.


Compliance with job role qualifications, and health and character requirements.

Please note that these are general prerequisites, and extra requirements may apply depending on specific circumstances.

What Are Canada LMIA Fees and Validity?

Here's a guide to the commonly incurred costs during the visa application process:

Visa Application Fee

An application for a Canada LMIA costs approximately CAD $1,000 for each job role mentioned in the application. If the job falls under the lower-skilled worker category, an additional CAD $100 fee is charged as a privilege fee

Visa Validity

An approved LMIA is typically valid for six months.

*Note that the actual permit duration will depend on factors such as the nature of employment, the employer's labour market impact assessment, and your passport's validity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Work Permit

LMIA stands for Labor Market Impact Assessment. It is a document from Employment and Social Development Canada that allows a Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker.

Not all foreign workers need an LMIA. This depends on the type of work permit for which they’re applying.

The processing time varies greatly, it can take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the job offer and the circumstances.

Yes, a positive LMIA and a resultant job offer from a Canadian employer can significantly boost your chances when applying for PR.

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