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Navigating the process for permanent residency can be difficult, but not with Imorion at your side. As your reliable visa consulting partner, Imorion specializes in helping you obtain an Australian PR Visa – Skill Migration. Our experienced team is dedicated to simplifying your visa application process and assisting you every step of your journey to become an Australian permanent resident.

Personalized Visa Assessment

We believe in the power of personalization. Our experts conduct a meticulous analysis of your profile, determining your eligibility for an Australian PR Visa. We assess various factors such as your profession, experience, language proficiency, and more.

Document Preparation Assistance

Our devoted team simplifies the daunting task of document preparation. Guiding you through each requisite documentation - from passports, skill assessment reports, language test results to work history, our comprehensive approach ensures a robust application.

Complete Application Form Assistance

Completing the critical visa application form is no longer a concern with Imorion. Our team provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring an error-free application that meets all the necessary criteria.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

We handle every aspect of the visa submission process - from setting up the SkillSelect account, submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI) to making payment. Rest easy while we keep a keen eye on your application status.

Visa Interview Preparation

If a visa interview becomes necessary, rely on Imorion to prepare you comprehensively. Our experts conduct mock interviews, arming you with potential questions and advising on how to present your details efficiently.

Additional Value Add Services

Our services extend beyond just visa assistance. Imorion offers suitable health insurance recommendations, job search support, helping you plan your move and ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Australia.

Settle Down Under with the Australian PR Visa – Skill Migration

Australia can be more than just a travel destination – it could be your new home. With our expertise in obtaining PR Visas for skilled migrants, we can help put your migration plan into action.

What Are the Requirements to Apply for a PR Visa to Australia?

To apply for an Australian PR Visa, you need to satisfy certain requirements:


Your occupation must be on Australia's skilled occupation list to be eligible to applu for PR visa.

Skills Assessment

Your skills need to be assessed and confirmed by an appropriate assessing authority.

Points Test

You must obtain a minimum number of points in the Australian immigration points test.

English Proficiency

Demonstrable proficiency in English is required through various standards tests available.

Character Assessment

You may be required to undergo health examinations and provide character certificates.

Please note that these are general prerequisites, and extra requirements may apply depending on specific circumstances.

What Are Australia PR Visa Fees and Validity?

Typically, the costs and validity of an Australian PR Visa are as follows:

Visa Application Fee

The visa application fee generally starts from AUD 4,045 (2,14,245). Extra charges may apply for additional applicants.

Visa Validity

As a permanent visa, it allows you to remain indefinitely in Australia with full work rights.

*It's important to note that costs are subject to change and can vary based on your application's specifics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Australian PR Visa

The processing time can vary. However, most visa applications under the Skilled Migration stream are processed within 9 months to 24 months.

Yes, your spouse/partner and dependent children can be included in your application.

As a permanent resident, you can live, work and study in Australia indefinitely, have access to Medicare (Australia’s healthcare system), and can apply for Australian citizenship if you are eligible.

Please note: The Australian immigration laws and rules are subject to change. Always refer to the official website or consult with us for the most current information.

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