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Are you an Indian professional looking to advance your career in the United Kingdom? Look no further! Imorion is your trustworthy ally for a smooth, successful visa application. Our expert team specialises in obtaining the UK Skilled Worker Visa efficiently, featuring an impressive approval rate.

Personalized Visa Assessment

We grasp the importance of a bespoke assessment. Our competent experts scrutinise your profile meticulously, determining your eligibility for the UK Skilled Worker Visa by considering various factors such as the employer's sponsorship, your job role, English language proficiency and more.

Document Preparation Assistance

Our committed team simplifies the otherwise daunting process of document preparation. We assist you through the required paperwork - passports, photographs, Certificate of Sponsorship to financial records, our all-encompassing assistance ensures a thoroughly compiled and robust application.

Complete Application Form Assistance

Completing the crucial visa application form can be tricky. With Imorion, this process becomes seamless. Our team offers step-by-step guidance, ensuring each mandatory field is accurately filled, preventing any errors or omissions.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

We oversee the visa submission process, managing everything from appointment scheduling, payment processing to application submission. You can sit back and unwind while we diligently monitor your application status, keeping you updated throughout.

Visa Interview Preparation

Should a visa interview be needed, trust Imorion to prepare you comprehensively. Our experts conduct mock interviews, acquainting you with potential questions and giving advice on how best to present your case effectively.

Additional Value Add Services

Imorion offers consultation on appropriate travel insurance options, assistance with flight bookings, and helps in building the perfect professional plan for your stay in the UK, guaranteeing your journey to the UK is not just smooth, but also impactful.

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What Are the Requirements to get the UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Securing a UK Skilled Worker Visa necessitates meeting several critical requirements. Here’s a brief overview of the typical prerequisites:

Sponsorship Certificate

Issued by an authorized UK employer, confirming the job offer and providing key information about your role.

Language Proficiency

Demonstrate your language abilities through an approved English language test or other evidence.

Job offer

The job offer must be at, or above, RQF level 3 (equivalent to A level) or higher.

Salary Threshold

The offered salary must meet the minimum threshold for your specific occupation, usually at or above £25,600 per year.

Salary Threshold

Provide evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself throughout your journey in the UK without requiring public funds.

Please note that the exact requirements might vary depending on individual circumstances and are subject to change as per UK visa regulations.

What Are the UK Skilled Worker Visa Fees and Validity?

UK Skilled Worker Visa fees and validity are influenced by the UK immigration regulations:

Visa Application Fee

The standard application fee for a UK Skilled Worker Visa ranges from £610 to £1,408, depending on the duration of your employment and whether your employer holds a sponsor licence.

Visa Validity

The visa is typically valid for the period of your employment mentioned on the Certificate of Sponsorship, plus an additional 14 days. You may be eligible for an extension of up to 5 years.

However, fees and durations are subject to change unexpectedly as per UK visa regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Skilled Worker Visa

Generally, a decision on your Skilled Worker Visa application is made within 3 weeks.

Yes, you can apply for your spouse/partner and dependent children to accompany you.

You may become eligible to apply for ILR after 5 years of continuous residence in the UK, subject to meeting other eligibility conditions.

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