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Aiming for an enriching higher education experience in the USA? You’re in the right place! Imorion is your trustworthy ally for a seamless and successful visa application process. Our dedicated team specialises in securing the USA Student and Admission Visa efficiently, maintaining a high approval rate.

Personalized Visa Assessment

Wwe believe in the value of a personalised assessment. Our proficient experts meticulously review your profile, assessing your eligibility for the USA Student and Admission Visa by considering various factors such as your academic history, course of study, and financial capability among others.

Document Preparation Assistance

Our diligent team simplifies the document preparation process. From guiding you through necessary paperwork like passports, photographs, academic records, acceptance letters from your university to financial documentation – our comprehensive support ensures a solid and well-structured application.

Complete Application Form Assistance

The process of filling out the crucial visa application form can be overwhelming. However, with Imorion by your side, it becomes straightforward. Offering step-by-step guidance, our team helps ensure every required field is precisely filled, reducing the chances of errors or omissions.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

We take the stress out of the visa submission process, managing everything, from appointment booking and payment handling to the actual application submission. While we continuously track the application's status, you can focus on preparing for your educational journey in the USA.

Visa Interview Preparation

If a visa interview is required, you can trust us to prepare you thoroughly. Conducting mock interviews, our experts help you get familiar with potential interview questions and guide you on how best to present your case and documents successfully.

Additional Value Add Services

We go beyond just visa services. Imorion can provide guidance on suitable health insurance policies, help you with accommodation arrangements, and give advice on planning your study and living expenses, making your transition to studying in the USA smoother and more comfortable.

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What Are the Requirements to Apply for a Visit Visa to the USA?

The requirements for a USA Student and Admission Visa are as follows:

Valid Passport

Valid passport with at least six months' validity,

Acceptance Letter

Acceptance at a SEVP Approved School and your Form I-20.

Visa Application Fee

Completed Form DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application.

Visa Interview

An interview may be required at the discretion of the consulate.

Please note that these are general prerequisites, and extra requirements may apply depending on specific circumstances.

What Are USA Student and Admission Visa Fees and Validity?

Here's a guide to the commonly incurred costs during the visa application process:

Visa Application Fee

The typical fee for a student visa and admission is approximately $160 (INR 13,271) and this can vary based on the type of visa.

Visa Validity

Validity often aligns with the duration of your course of study and is determined upon arrival at the United States by an immigration officer.

*It's important to note that costs are subject to change and can vary based on your application's specifics.

Frequently Asked Questions About USA Student and Admission Visa

It’s recommended to apply for a visa at least 120 days before your course of study begins.

In certain cases, students can work on-campus part-time or apply for off-campus employment under specific conditions.

F-1 visa holders must maintain their status by fulfilling course requirements and refraining from unauthorised work.

It's important to keep in mind that US immigration laws and regulations are subject to adjustments over time. For the most recent and accurate information, always check the official website or feel free to consult with our experts at Imorion.

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