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Why Migrate to Canada?

Embrace unparalleled opportunities in a diverse, prosperous, and welcoming nation.

World-class Education

Pursue top-tier education in some of the world’s best universities.

Economic Prosperity

Take advantage of Canada’s thriving economy and job market.

Quality Healthcare

Enjoy Canada’s efficient, high-standard healthcare system.

Cultural Diversity

Immerse yourself in a multicultural society that values inclusivity.

Natural Beauty

Experience stunning landscapes, from Mountains to Great Lakes.

Safety and Peace

Relish living in one of the world’s safest countries.

Democratic Freedoms

Benefit from the rights and freedoms upheld in this democratic society.

Friendly Policies

Migrate smoothly thanks to immigrant-friendly policies.

Discover Your Visa Path Tailored for Your Needs and Aspirations

Whether you have travel, study, business, or permanent residency in mind, Imorion provides comprehensive guidance for a wide range of Canadian visa services.

Visitor Visa

Experience Canada's breath-taking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and world-class cities with our Visitor Visa service. This is your ticket to an incredible journey!

Processing Time - 10-20 days

Student Visa

Unlock international education opportunities with our Student Visa & Admission service. Begin your academic journey in some of the world's top educational institutions in Canada.

Processing Time - 4-6 Weeks


Navigate Canada's dynamic job market with our Work Permit service. Seize the opportunity to work and live in one of the world's most prosperous countries.

Processing Time - 1-3 Months

Business Investment Visa

Tap into Canada's thriving business environment with our Business Investment Visa service. This is your chance to invest, develop, and profit in North America's thriving powerhouse.

Processing Time - 12-18 Months

PR Visa – Express Entry (PNP)

Make Canada your permanent home with our PR Visa – Express Entry (PNP) service. A fantastic way to contribute to and benefit from this multicultural nation.

Processing Time - 6-8 Months

LMIA (Job offer) Support

Boost your chances of a successful work permit application with our LMIA (Job offer) Support service. We provide assistance in fulfilling LMIA requirements for a smoother migration process.

Processing Time - 1-3 Months

Startup Visa

Transform your entrepreneurship dreams into reality with our Startup Visa service. Canada is waiting for your innovative business ideas!

Processing Time - 12-16 Months

Spouse Visa

Keep your family together by bringing your spouse to Canada with our Spouse Visa service. Let love flourish in this welcoming country!

Processing Time - 6-8 Months

Super Visa

Ensure long, meaningful visits with your family living in Canada with our Super Visa service. Strengthen family ties being with them.

Processing Time - 1-2 Months

How Does Canada's Visa Application Process Work?

From eligibility assessment to final visa approval, Imorion streamlines your journey with personalised assistance at every step.

Eligibility Assessment

Your journey begins with an in-depth eligibility assessment to strategize a suitable immigration plan.

Document Assembly

Gather the necessary documents that demonstrate your eligibility for the chosen visa.

Apply Online

Create an online account, upload your documents, and submit your application on official website.

Payment of Fees

Pay the required application and biometrics fees. Timely payment could speed up your application process.

Biometrics Submission

In most cases, after application, you need to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics).

Remember, every migration journey is unique, and the above steps may vary depending on the specific visa pathway and individual circumstances.

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