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Why Migrate to the UK?

Find your perfect home in UK, offering a myriad of opportunities.

Endless Opportunities

The UK boasts of a dynamic and globally oriented economy, providing plentiful job opportunities.

Academic Excellence

Home to world-renowned educational institutions like Oxford and Cambridge for exceptional learning experiences.

Rich History

Immerse in the UK’s vibrant cultural and historical legacy to enjoy a fascinating living environment.

Progressive Society

Enjoy a welcoming and diverse society that cherishes multiculturalism and inclusivity.

Quality Healthcare

Experience the benefits of the UK’s NHS, providing free high-quality health care.

Vibrant Lifestyle

From extraordinary landscapes to exciting city life, the UK offers a diverse range of lifestyle choices.

Efficient Public Transport

Benefit from an extensive, efficient public transportation system, making travel hassle-free.

Safe & Secure

Ranked among the safest countries globally, ensuring a secure living environment for everyone.

Discover Your Visa Path Tailored for Your Needs and Aspirations

Embark on a remarkable journey to the UK, tailored to your unique aspirations. At Imorion, we offer comprehensive Visa services to meet your travel, business, or educational needs, enhancing your experience with simplified, personalised processes.

Visitor Visa

Experience the UK's fascinating history, dynamic cultures, and impressive cities with our Visitor Visa service. Embark on your unforgettable journey now!

Processing Time - 15-30 days

Student Visa

Unlock the doors of world-class universities and exceptional educational experiences in the UK with our dedicated Student Visa & Admission service.

Processing Time - 3-4 Weeks

Business Visa

Navigate through the British market dynamics with our Business Visa service. Harness the exciting entrepreneurial opportunities the UK has to offer!

Processing Time - 3-6 Weeks

Work Visa – Skilled Worker

Thrive in a vibrant professional environment with myriad opportunities. Harness the UK's dynamic work landscape with our Work Visa service

Processing Time - 3-5 Weeks

Investor visa

Invest in the thriving UK economy leveraging our Investor Visa service. Discover the multitude of investment avenues for accelerated growth!

Processing Time - 8-12 Weeks

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How Does the UK’s Visa Application Process Work?

From evaluating your eligibility to securing your UK visa approval, Imorion smoothens your transition with personalised guidance at each step, laying down the road to your dreams in the UK.

Determine your eligibility

The first step is identifying what type of UK visa you need based on your plans (visiting, studying, working, investing, etc.)

Online Application Form

The next step is completing the online application form specific to your visa type. Our team will guide you the process.

Submit your application

Collect all the important and required documents for the UK visa application depending on your visa type.

Await the decision

You must schedule an appointment for a visa interview. In some cases, you might need to attend a biometric appointment.

Attend the UK Visa Interview

Attend the scheduled visa interview. Interview procedures may vary depending on the specific visa type.

Submit your application

Mail your application, following the specific instructions provided during the visa application process.

Wait for the Decision

Wait for a decision on your application. The processing time varies, so apply well in advance.

Please note that this is a generalised process, and specific requirements might vary. Always refer to the official government websites or consult with a credible immigration consultant like Imorion for personalised guidance.

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