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Are you an Indian resident longing to be with your spouse in Canada? Search no more! Imorion is your trustworthy partner for a simplified, successful visa application. Our dedicated team is competent in securing the Canada Spouse Visa effectively with a high approval rate.

Personalized Visa Assessment

We grasp the importance of a personalised assessment. Our proficient experts scrutinise your profile from the ground up, determining your eligibility for the Canada Spouse Visa by weighing multiple factors such as relationship proof, financial stability of your sponsoring spouse, and more.

Document Preparation Assistance

Our committed team cuts through the intricacies of document preparation. We guide you through the necessary paperwork - marriage certification, sponsorship documents, financial proofs to relationship proofs. Our all-encompassing support ensures a meticulously prepared and robust application.

Complete Application Form Assistance

Filling out the critical spouse visa application form can seem daunting. With Imorion, this process becomes seamless. Our team provides guided support at each step, ensuring every required field is accurately filled, leaving no room for mistakes or oversights.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

We undertake the visa submission process, dealing with everything from appointment scheduling, payment processing to application submission. Sit back and unwind while we continuously follow up on your application status, keeping you posted at every stage.

Visa Interview Preparation

In case a visa interview is required, bank on Imorion to prepare you thoroughly. Our experts carry out mock interviews, acquainting you with probable questions, and offering advice on the optimal way to present your documents and relationship successfully.

Additional Value Add Services

Our services exceed mere visa application support. Imorion provides suitable travel insurance advice, assistance with flight bookings and helps in planning settling strategies in Canada. We aim to make your transition towards being with your spouse in Canada more eased and memorable.

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What Are the Requirements to Get a Canada Spouse Visa?

The pathway to living with your spouse in Canada requires adherence to the following criteria:

Proof of Relationship

Evidence showing that your relationship with the Canadian citizen or permanent resident is genuine.


Your spouse in Canada must agree to sponsor you and should meet all the sponsorship criteria set by the Canadian government.

Financial Stability

The sponsoring spouse must show that they have sufficient funds or income to support you after immigration.

Medical Condition

You should undertake a routine medical examination, if necessary.

Please note that these are general prerequisites, and extra requirements may apply depending on specific circumstances.

What Are Canada Spouse Visa Fees and Validity?

Here's a guide to the commonly incurred costs during the visa application process:

Visa Application Fee

The processing fee for a Canada Spouse Visa is approximately CAD $1,050 for the main applicant. If applicable, there’s an additional fee for dependents.

Visa Validity

The Spouse Visa, once issued, allows for Permanent Residency in Canada.

*Note that the actual permit duration will depend on factors such as the nature of employment, the employer's labour market impact assessment, and your passport's validity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Spouse Visa

The Canada Spouse Visa is a facility provided by the Canadian government for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouse or common-law partner to live with them in Canada.

Spouses, common-law partners, and conjugal partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who live outside Canada, can apply.

The processing time can vary, but it generally takes around 12 months.

Yes, dependent children can be included in the application.

Imorion's Canada Spouse Visa Services aim to reunite families in the cherished Canadian environment. Schedule a consultation with our professionals today and begin your journey to marital togetherness in Canada.

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